Message Excerpt:  The commands of God are designed for propagating holy living.  His commands often challenge the righteousness interpreted by religious people…even within sects that claim or aim to follow Him.

Matters of the Heart: Divorce within the Gospel of Jesus (Mark 10:1-12)

Message Excerpt: There are interactions that will happen in your life that are so overwhelming to you that it will leave you lifeless.  But when Jesus has you, He will raise you up…even when you appear as dead

When It All Falls Down (Mark 9:14-29)

Message Excerpt: What does it mean to take up your cross in the 21st Century?  The time we live in is not much different than ancient times.  The hearts of people are continually hardening toward God.  To make matters worse, some in the church lessen to “calling out” required in discipleship.  Are you really required to be a disciple of Jesus Christ? Or, can you merely utter the semantics of salvation and acquire life with God?

Living to Die, Dying to Live: Considering An Exchange of Ownership (Mark 8:34-38)

Message Excerpt: When we set out to do anything there is a period where we will contemplate what is necessary to ensure our success in the task.  Preparation is the period where we are prioritizing.  Prioritization inherently implies that there will be collateral consequences.  That is to say that as we prioritize there are certain things that will be discarded or set aside in order for us to successfully complete our envisioned outcome…

Possessed By a Heart of Devotion (Luke 14:25-35)

Pastor Brian Green delivers a powerful message that deals with understanding our current time, making moral decisions, and the need for repentance.  This message centers on the truth that we were created intentionally to bear fruit.

The Intention to Bear Fruit (Luke 12:54-13:9)

Pastor Brian Green delivers a thought provoking message of encouragement to the people of God at the Watch Night 2017 service.

The Creator created creators to creatively create…

Pastor Brian Green gives a talk on the concept of following.

Knowing Who You Follow (Matthew 8:18-27)